Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting Services is here for you as Kitchens are the hearts of most homes, this is probably one place that you will spend most of your time in during cooking or even relaxing at times.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting could save you loads of money by having your old kitchen cabinet spray painted rather than replaced.

That is why we never rush anything when it comes to renewing their look and feel.

The Kitchen Services comes with three choices. All options include plinths, cornices, pelmets, external shelving, wine racks, side and end panels and carcass fronts.

A) – Front of the Cupboards and Drawers (starting from £600)

B) – Front and Backs of the Cupboards and Drawers (starting from £800)

C) – Front, Back of the Cupboards and drawers plus the internal carcasses (starting from £1,000)


For an extra smooth and professional-looking finish, many paint experts recommend spray painting kitchen cabinets. Spray painting kitchen cabinets is also a good way to go if your cabinets have raised panels and lots of areas that might be hard to paint with a paintbrush or roller. It is more effective and more efficient to spray paint rather than use Rollers and Brushes.

How long do spray painted kitchen cabinets last?

Under normal conditions, we fully expect our painted cabinets to last anywhere from 8-15 years without needing a fresh coat of paint.

Does spray painting kitchen cabinets work?

Spray painting is cheaper than replacing your kitchen cupboards, cabinets and drawers.

We don’t need to remove them to get the job done as all is sprayed in situ and on site. Is also 80% cheaper than replacing. Artificial light shows up imperfections in paint more so than natural light. For a flawless finish, hire us for the job.