Spray Painting & Decorating Services

Have you moved into a flat or house or you just want to renovate your house and thought about changing the colour of your walls or ceilings then why not use our professional and experts team in Painting and Decorating Services.

Using Painting and Decorating Services, we will spray paint your walls and ceiling at the same cost as Brush and Rollers however spraying your walls and ceilings it gives it a more smooth and provides the best finish compared to painting by rollers or brushes.

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How does it work?

Send Us Photos

Send photos of the property or video

We Will Respond

One of our staff will reach out for more information if required or they will organise a site visit.

Site Visit

* We will measure all Walls and Ceilings.

* Note down number of windows and doors.

* See if filling and sanding is required.

* Go through a colour chart with yourself.

* Quote will be issued within 2 hours after site visit is complete.


Once you are happy with the quote issued for the works and you would like to proceed you will be asked to pay a deposit to secure the dates given for the works. The deposit is deducted from your outstanding balance.

Booking Day

Our team will arrive on the day of your booking to carry out the works. They will issue a time frame day before.

Completion Payment

On completion of the works, you will be asked to make a final payment.

What Is The Process?

  • All surrounding areas not being sprayed will be covered.
  • Every wall panels will be sanded down to ensure best finish.
  • The wall papers/old paint will be scraped off.
  • Walls will be filled to cover any holes.
  • Filler will be sanded down to smoothen out the surface/walls.
  • The walls will then be sprayed with primer as a base coat.
  • Primer will then be sanded down to become smooth
  • Once primer is sanded down, we will start spraying your chosen colour on to your walls.