I agree to the following Terms and Conditions prior to and after use of The SprayWorks Services.

[Booking & Payments]

  • I agree to pay a deposit of 40% after accepting the quote.
  • Any payments or deposits paid to The SprayWorks are non-refundable.
  • Any deposit paid to The SprayWorks is deducted from my outstanding
  • Projects that may take more than 1 day(s), I understand I may be asked to pay; for works that have been completed to date, but not the full amount until the works are fully completed.
  • If the weather is not ideal due to poor/high temperature, or rain warnings with over 30% chance of rain The SprayWorks have the right to reschedule the booking to another date.
  • I understand I cannot have any other tradesmen e.g. builders, painters, tilers, or other works going on during the agreed booking dates with The SprayWorks due to dust and other issues that may affect the final finish or damage paint work.
  •  I am aware that The SprayWorks have the right to leave the site without any refund and I would have to re-book to new dates by paying another deposit  if The SprayWorks show up on the agreed dates and there are other workers on site.
  • I understand that I will/have been asked to inspect the works carried out by The SprayWorks on completion of the works, and therefore it will be my responsibility to point out any issues, and/or areas that I am not happy with or may require any touch up due to potential poor lighting (The Sun may affect sometimes). 
  • I understand that I have 24 hours after the work is completed to report any issues to The SprayWorks or otherwise I cannot expect them to return for any reason as The SprayWorks cannot take responsibility after 24 hours as they are unaware of what may have been done to the paint from my end or anyone else.
  • I understand The SprayWorks will require access to the inside of my property throughout the day to access windows, doors from inside. 
  • I understand The SprayWorks will require access to a powerpoint.


I understand that there is risks of:
a) Overspray particles/dust (exterior and interior)

b) Internal Wall Paint/Wallpaper peeling (1/10 houses may peel however we use low tack tape and try to minimise the risks.

c) Trip Hazards – Equipment will be laying around including airlines/hoses as well as other equipment which may become a trip hazard and therefore I am aware and will take care when walking around or inspecting the works.

d) High/Strong Smell of Fumes.


  • I understand that I am liable to pay the full outstanding balance that is due on completion and failure to do so, The SprayWorks will charge me additional fee of £50.00 for every day that goes past and I will be liable to pay the amount of interest on top.
  • I understand that the final payment is due before the team leaves the site on the day of the booking. If the payment is not made by 18:00pm on the day of completed works I will incur £50 per day interest.
  • I understand that The SprayWorks may at times require Scaffolding which I am responsible to pay for myself or request The SprayWorks to organise it and add it onto the invoice, due to the Health And Safety reasons. I understand that scaffolding may be required at the last minute if there are any risks or poor access.


  • I understand that The SprayWorks may cancel my booking if there are any ; health and safety issues/concerns without any refund. E.g.: Scaffolding for other works and there are no stable/secure planks of wood to stand on, any form of abuse or threatening behaviour towards our staff.


  • I understand that if I cancel the booking I will not be liable for any refunds and if I wish to rebook I will have to pay the deposit again.


  • I understand that there will be a fee of 10% fee to reschedule a date if I am unable to commit to for any reason after agreeing and accepting the dates offered to me. – Rescheduling must be made 48 hours prior to your booking. (The Fee Varies Depending on the size of the job and how many days are secured).


  • I give permission to The SprayWorks to take photos, footage or videos of my property or furniture that they are spraying and give them permission to publish before and after photos or videos online.


  • I understand that there is a visitation fee of £35.00 [Upto 39 miles radius of London] or £80.00 for visits more than 40+ Miles. The fee is used on transportation e.g. Fuel.


You can click here to purchase a monthly or yearly payment plan to have our work covered for as long as you need. This is a warranty plan and not a guarantee. This means that you will not need to pay big monies to have something re-done or repaired as it will be our responsibility to sort out for you with out any hidden costs as you will only be paying for the plan.